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September 2 2018 Pagan Style

Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu) is a two-day festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, a widely-worshiped Hindu god. Krishna is considered to be a warrior, hero, teacher, and philosopher. During this festival, Hindus are likely to forgo sleep in order to sing bhajans, traditional Hindu songs. Many Hindus also fast during the first day of the festival. Dances, songs, and plays depicting the life of Krishna are common. The first day is called Krishan ashtami or Gokul ashtami. The second day is known as Kaal ashtami or more popularly Janmashtami.
Today is also Ashtami Rohini Muhurat. Most people in India celebrate Krishna Janmashtami based on Lunar Calendar but few temples and some regions in South India observe Krishna Janmashtami based on Solar Calendar. In most years these dates don't differ by more than one or two days but in some years Janmashtami based on the Lunar Calendar and Janmashtami based on the Solar Calendar might differ by up to one month. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu and in some parts of Karnataka, Krishna Janmashtami is popularly known as Ashtami Rohini and is observed based on Solar Calendar. Two famous temples, Udupi Sri Krishna temple in Karnataka and Guruvayur Guruvayurappa temple in Kerala celebrate Krishna Janmashtami as Ashtami Rohini based on the Solar Calendar. Ashtami Rohini is also known as Sri Jayanthi and Gokulashtami.
Today is also Masik Kalashtami. Kalashtami, also known as Kala Ashtami, is observed every month during Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha (a special day of the month and a special time of day). Devotees of Bhairav fast and worship Him on all Kalashtami days in the year.
Today is also sacred to Kali as Kali Jayanti (her birthday).
Today is Bhanu Saptami in the Hindu faith. Saptami occurs on seventh day of the waxing lunar month, and Bhanu is an epithet of Lord Sun (Surya). Devotees take ritual baths before sunrise, say special prayers, light lamps, make charitable donations to the poor as well as offerings of Camphor, Dhoop, flowers and fruits, and other donations to Brahmas.

Ancient Egyptians and modern Kemetics today celebrate the Feast of Wasir (Osiris).

The Aztecs celebrated the beginning of the month and festival of Ochpaniztli ("Sweeping"), which runs from 2 September to 21 September. It honoured the deities Tlazolteotl, Toci, Teteo Innan, Coatlicue, and Cinteotl. The theme was Harvest and cleansing. It involved ritual street sweeping, ritual bathing, and sacrifice of "Teteo Innan" (Toci or Mother of the Gods and Heart of the Earth).

Some pagans (The Reformed Congregation of the Goddess International) celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Badgers. Find a cave and explore it, or honour the fierceness and tenacity of the badger.

Today is the beginning of the Celtic Tree Month, Vine.

Today is the Acoma Pueblo Sky City Annual Feast Day and Harvest Dance.

On this day in 2007, Elwood “Bunky” Bartlett said a New Age book store made it possible for him to become an overnight millionaire. He and his wife Denise were on their way to the shop where he occasionally teaches Wicca and Reiki healing when they stopped at a liquor store and bought two Mega Millions tickets on a jackpot estimated at $330 million. One of those tickets was a winner. He said he made a deal with the multiple gods associated with his Wiccan beliefs, vowing if he won, he would teach.

Rev. Paul Beyerl, (pronounced "bye'-rul") was born this day in 1945 in Owen, Wisconsin. He is known as an author and educator, and particularly as a Wiccan priest, in Wiccan and neopagan circles. With his partner, Beyerl maintains a 45,000-square-foot (4,200 m2) botanical garden on Rose Hill in Kirkland, Washington, which serves as a classroom and a place where students and visitors are able to see medicinal herbs and ornamental plants as they grow. Beyerl is known as an herbal educator, with a number of publications in the field. He has taught at Bellevue Community College and teaches courses in herbal medicine at Seattle Central Community College and Cascadia College. The Hermit's Grove, which he founded, offers a Master Herbalist certification program. His teachings about herbs focus on their spiritual and scientific/medical properties. In addition to the Hermit's Grove, Beyerl is the founder of the Rowan Tree Church, a Wiccan church that emerged in the mid-1970s in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was incorporated in 1980. He also founded the Mystery School of the Tradition of Lothloriën, which provides extensive studies leading to ordination, in 1981. Beyerl taught in Dallas for two years and in 1991 moved to Los Angeles, California to teach for three years. In 1994 he relocated to Kirkland, Washington, a move which included moving the home office of the Rowan Tree Church. Beyerl began publishing a Wiccan newsletter, The Unicorn, in 1977. It is now among the longest-published Wiccan newsletters in North America, in continuous publication since 1977. Happy Birthday, Paul!

It is also the birthday of Lunea Weatherstone, known through SageWoman magazine, where she was editor and publisher, and is a regular columnist. She has served the Goddess as a priestess, writer, artist, tarot counselor and teacher for over twenty-five years. She designed the Full Moon Dreams Tarot, truly a labour of love and devotion. Many Happy Returns!

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