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October 11 2018 Pagan Style

On this day, ancient Romans celebrated Meditrinalia. In Roman religion, Meditrinalia was an obscure festival celebrated on October 11 in honour of the new vintage, which was offered as libations to the gods for the first time each year. The festival may have been so called from medendo, because the Romans then began to drink new wine, which they mixed with old and which served them instead of physic. Little information about the Meditrinalia survived from early Roman religion, although the tradition itself did. It was known to be somehow connected to Jupiter and to have been an important ceremony in early agricultural Rome, but beyond that, only speculation exists. Meditrina was a Roman goddess who seems to have been a late Roman invention to account for the origin of Meditrinalia. The earliest account of associating the Meditrinalia with such a goddess was by 2nd century grammarian Sextus Pompeius Festus, on the basis of which she is asserted by modern sources to be the Roman goddess of health, longevity and wine, with an etymological meaning of "healer" suggested by some. Also the Day Dedicated to the Goddess Justice. Pick your favorite Goddess of justice and do a ritual for social and economic justice worldwide. Write to your country’s government about an issue that concerns you.

Today is the Greek Feast of the Charites, a day to honour the Goddesses of beneficence. [Pyanepsion 3]

In Germanic/Teutonic pagan faiths, today is the Day of the Old Lady of Elder Trees. Before cutting branches for wands, a libation of elderberry wine is poured onto the tree’s roots with a special prayer.

In the Aztec religion, today is the end of Teteo Eco (Arrival of the Gods).

On this day in 2005, The Supreme Court of the United States rejected an appeal from Cynthia Simpson, a Wiccan priestess, angry that local leaders would not let her open their sessions with a prayer. Instead, clergy from more traditional religions were invited to pray at governmental meetings in Chesterfield County, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond. Her lawyers told justices that most of the invocations were led by Christians. Simpson wanted to offer a generalized prayer to the “creator of the universe.” She sued and initially won before a federal judge who ruled the county policy unconstitutional because it stated a preference for a set of religious beliefs. She lost at the 4th District US Court of Appeals because the county had changed its policy to avoid invoking the name of Jesus. The Supreme Court was already hearing one religious case, but this one provided a better opportunity for the court to deal with government and religion. The county “issues invitations to deliver prayers to all Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religious leaders in the country. It refuses to issue invitations to Native Americans, Hindus, Sikhs, Wiccans, or members of any other religion,” justices were told in her appeal. The county’s attorney said the county’s practice was in line with the Supreme Court’s endorsement of legislative prayer as long as it did not proselytize, advance or disparage a particular religion. Today, some government bodies allow many religions to offer prayers to open their meetings.

Image: Old Lady of the Elder by lisahunt.
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    The holidays for October 11th, 2018 are:

    "You Go, Girl" Day
    General Pulaski Memorial Day
    International Day of the Girl Child
    Myths and Legends Day
    National Coming Out Day
    National Depression Screening Day
    National It's My Party Day
    National Sausage Pizza Day
    Southern Food Heritage Day
    World Sight Day


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