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Give yourself more chance of exposure by confirming to the community that you are a real person. Verified Members are considered more thrustworthy and are sure to get more attention from members. The process is quick and simple. Submit a Photo of yourself/your special icon (see the Rules). An administrator will review the Photo for authenticity and once satisfied, you will be made a Verified Member. Verified Member are distinguished with a Seal of Verification on their Profile page.


Rules for Photo Submission

1. Sign up on our site to create a profile for yourself.

2. Upload a Photo showing your face or the icon that represents you. (This can also be your brand photo or icon, I know some of us have used a special icon for years an people know us by it so if that is the case please feel free to submit yours)

3. Please write your verification code so I know that its you who is submitting!! .

4. Photo may be manipulated in a way as to make your photo/icon unique, such as with PhotoShop etc.