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A sweet and delicate oatmeal bread topped with rolled oats, this recipe is primarily for grounding and prosperity. Its secondary attributes include happiness, love, and spirituality.
Cuisine: unknown
09.07.2017 · From witdove
Make this healthy banana bread recipe and enjoy a slice or two of the best banana bread you’ve ever had. This easy banana bread recipe will be a family fav!
Cuisine: American
25.04.2017 · From witdove
Bannock bread has become popular for Beltane rituals. It's easy to prepare and so versatile that it has been a camper's favourite for generations. As a fire festival associated with fertility, Beltane is celebrated outdoors by Pagans of different paths. This makes bannock bread a perfect treat to ma…
Cuisine: unknown
11.04.2017 · From witdove
BELTANE HERB WRAPPED GRILLED SALMON WITH NETTLE SAUCEServes 4For the Celts, salmon represented wisdom. Wild or cultivated angelica leaves work well as a wrap and impart a delicate anise flavor. Substitute lettuce leaves, grape leaves, or beet greens if angelica leaves are not available.
Cuisine: American
10.04.2017 · From witdove
Cattail Acorn Bread
Cuisine: American
09.04.2017 · From witdove
    Indian Cattail Spoon Bread    
Cuisine: American
09.04.2017 · From witdove
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