Should You Share Your Beliefs With Others?
Are you hiding your true beliefs? It's not uncommon for Wiccans and Pagans to keep their practices to themselves. Too many people still view these paths in a negative way.  But this doesn't mean you have to hide everything.
Even if your friends and family have different religious beliefs, you can often find ways to share your core beliefs through activities. For example, I have a sister who is a strict Christian, and in contrast, I embrace a Pagan path. We have little in common when it comes to our spiritual beliefs. However, the Divine blessings we enjoy are nearly identical.
This became clear a couple of years ago.  I was writing articles for the Pagan community and she began writing for a Christian publication.  I thought we were at odds, promoting two completely different sets of beliefs. But then I started reading some of her work and was pleasantly surprised to discover we were writing about the same subjects! 
We both shared an interest in growing herbs and learning about their medicinal uses. We loved using essential oils and exploring aromatherapy. We both wanted to involve our children in outdoor activities and make crafts from natural materials.  We began exchanging recipes for healthy meals made with the fresh fruits and vegetables from our Mother Earth.  There was so much to share ... as long as we didn't worry about explaining our understanding of the power behind all these wonderful things. For her, these blessings were from a masculine God and I was giving thanks to the Goddess for her gifts.
Is the terminology we use to describe the Divine worth fighting over?  We can call it God, Goddess, the One, the Universe, or a thousand other names and this will not change its power or the way it works. We all have access to the same Divine power and blessings!
If you are surrounded by Christian family and friends, you may just need to express your beliefs using different terminology. One wise reader told me that, "To friends and family, I first broached the topic years ago with a lead-in based on Native American/Earth based beliefs." She felt it made sense to lead others into her beliefs slowly so they could process the information rather than have the "witchcraft" bomb dropped on them.
I found this to be true in my family as well. They all love Native American traditions, and yet words like Witch, Pagan or Goddess cause them concern. They are open to conversations about Mother Nature, Mother Earth or even herbal magic, but it's best not to mention spells to them.
The fears and misconceptions surrounding these words and the beliefs that they represent cannot be changed overnight. Be patient.  When you can't find the right words to convey your beliefs, just look for activities you can do with your friends and family to express your love of our Mother Earth and her magic. You can take comfort in knowing that your actions will always speak louder than your words!   
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