Lammastide – Celestial Cycle Of Late Summer

by Dikki Jo Mullen

Lammastide Blessing
By Dikki-Jo Mullen
Lammas is an important high holiday in the Old Celtic Calendar, one of eight seasonal festivals in the magical year. Celebrated between July 31 – August 2, the name might come from ‘loaf mass’, a term honoring loaves of bread and the life sustaining grains which are nearly ready for harvesting. The festival is also called ‘Lughnassad’, in honor of Lugh, a traditional Irish solar deity whose legend links to the blessings of late Summer. The symbolism of Lammas is one of a the early harvest and times of thanksgiving to come. The first hints of the approaching winter are here, the hot bright peak of summer is gradually passing. Ideally this brings an abundance of vegetables and fruits as well as the grains to ensure nurture of the body as well as the heart and spirit.
Here are some thoughts to mull over about Lammas . Most of us are somewhat removed from direct interaction with the Earth, no longer entirely measuring days by the yearly rising of buds and falling of leaves.
What have you reaped? What is ready to enjoy and harvest in your own life? What are your goals and dreams inspired by the season ahead? To enhance the mood here are some keynotes to incorporate into your own life.

Create: A wreath, center piece or even a simple meditation altar with candles, seasonal flowers and plants apropos to August. Plan a special meal during this time to include a favorite bread and fruit juice or tea. Light the candles, say the Blessing for Lammas below. Enjoy the feast as you prepare for the late summer and early autumn ahead welcoming in the potentials for luck and prosperity during the new season.
Seasonal Colors: Grey, green, gold, yellow, deep burnt orange, burgundy.
Symbols: Garden tools, grains, berries and other fruits, all of the delicious vegetables which ripen in August.
Herbs: Mugwort, yarrow, goldenrod, sunflowers.

A Blessing Chant To Say For Lammas
“ I breathe in and become the life of the universe,
And exhale all that no longer serves me, abandoning and releasing any illness or loss of energy.
Every seed, animal and every being is a record reflecting back to
Ancient times and looking forward to all of the tomorrows that will ever
Be. I am part of that eternal whole circle of the seasons, of life renewed.“

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